Making sense in music
An enquiry into the formal pragmatics of art

by Jos Kunst (1978)

© 1978 Communication & Cognition,
Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.
Reproduced with permission.




Summary and plan of the book

Samenvatting (summary in Dutch)
Curriculum vitae (in Dutch)
Stellingen (in Dutch)

0 Some theoretical aspects

0.0 Preliminaries
0.1 L.B. Meyer
0.2 Some other approaches
0.3 Perception
0.4 Non-verbal concepts
0.5 Two kinds of concept learning
0.6 The parallel between poetry and music
0.7 An elementary graphic model

1 Some mathematical aspects

1.0 The modal operators
1.1 Tense logics
1.2 Axiomatics

2 Bivalence Function

2.0 A class of UNLL processes
2.1 The two-place case
2.2 The three-place case
2.3 Three musical examples
2.4 Two examples from different fields
2.5 Conclusion

3 Chopin op. 28 nr. 7

3.0 Two modes of being of the prelude
3.1 Proposition letters, formulas, BivFs and networks
3.2 The prelude: naive listeners
3.3 Handling ill-defined concepts
3.4 Musical effects not bound up with the sixth statement only
3.5 "Higher order" BivFs
3.6 Tableau

4 Winding up

4.0 Art vs non-art
4.1 Theories on emotion and cognition
4.2 A definition: its "only if" part
4.3 A definition: the "if" part
4.4 Musical meaning revisited
4.5 Theoretical status of our enterprise
4.6 Rationale


Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV
Appendix V




Index of subjects
Index of names