XII Éxterieur
voor tape (1967)

by Jos Kunst (1979)

Notes to the LP "Anthology of Dutch electronic tape music", vol. 2: 1966-1977. Composers' voice CV 7903.

In 1967 and 1968 I wrote two electronic works, one of which was Exterieur. It is based on ideas of fundamental importance in the theory of music which I was to develop over the next ten years (see J. Kunst, Making Sense in Music: An Enquiry into the Formal Pragmatics of Art, in Communication & cognition, Ghent University, Ghent, 1978); these ideas are particularly concerned with the role played by 'normal' aural competence, or musicality. Accordingly the work contains undisguised 'real' sounds (i.e. sounds associated with human activities) juxtaposed with equally undisguised 'electrical' sounds (i.e. sounds produced by generators and not associated with spatial actions); these two poles in conjunction define the musical space of the work and provide a context for the processes of reorientation which are the subject of the work.

See also Extérieur, een electronisch muziekstuk van Jos Kunst, by Rolf den Otter (Dutch)