XXI:1 Solo Identity I
for bass clarinet (1972)

by Jos Kunst (ca. 1972)

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Solo Identity I is meant to become one of many musics that, combined in an effective way, will one day form a "musical-theatrical situation" in which it will be confronted with other "identities" and with "space in which to lose itself".

It maintains a 6-part polyphony, indicated by the numbers in the score, based on clear-cut oppositions in 5 parameters. Ambiguities are only used in the beginning (rhythm) and the end (articulation). Each of the 6 parts goes through a history of changes which, of course, creates feed-back effects in the overall system, and which is different in nature and degree for each of them.

 Listen to 22 seconds Solo identity I (maat 1-6; 175K)
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