Donemus — publisher of contemporary Dutch music. Most works of Jos Kunst are published by Donemus. Scores can be ordered online.
Edition Peters — two works by Jos Kunst, Glass Music for piano solo (1966) and One Way for chamber orchestra (1970), are published by Peters. Scores can be ordered online.
Motörhead — the official website. Since Jos Kunst was a big fan of Motörhead, a link to the official website seems fitting to me.
Jan Vriend — important colleague and friend of Jos Kunst.


Journal of New Music Research — Continuation of the journal Interface (1971-1993), of which Jos Kunst was editor from 1981-1987 and advisory editor from 1988-1993. A complete index of articles from Interface can be found here, among other things.
Muziek en wetenschap — Dutch journal for musicology.
Otto Laske — Otto Laske is an authority in the field of cognitive musicology, and a highly esteemed colleague and friend of Jos Kunst.
Musicology at the University of Utrecht — Jos Kunst worked and taught here from 1976 to 1988.


who have (or had) works by Jos Kunst on their repertoire

Klaas Bakker — piano
The Barton Workshop
Jos Beijer (1970-2011) — organ
René Eckhardt — piano
Ensemble '88
Polo de Haas — piano
Sorrel Hays (1941-2020) (formerly Doris Hays) — piano
Ralph van Raat — piano
Harry Sparnaay (1944-2017) — bass clarinet
Stephan Vermeersch — bass clarinet
Sarah Watts — bass clarinet
Jos Zwaanenburg — flute