For his own use as compositional tools, Jos Kunst wrote some programs in Pascal, targeting the THINK Pascal compiler on classic Mac OS. This code is made available here "as is".

This code is ©1991-2005 Jos Kunst and the Jos Kunst heirs and is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

Dissonance Grading

One of these Pascal programs is Dissonance Grading, "a pre-compositional tool that scans and/or modifies chords along the dimension of dissonance". This was implemented by me in PHP. See for the source code (original Pascal code and port to PHP) and Dissonance Grading for the web interface.

Thanks to the much appreciated work of Johan E. Mebius there is also an MS-DOS executable of Dissonance Grading available. Download MS-DOS version (including source code)